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We’re delighted that you are interested in making a difference in Ipswich through bringing empty property back into use. Before you start your application here are the selection criteria that a panel of independent experts will use to consider your proposal. Please bear them in mind as you complete your expression of interest.

Selection Criteria

Projects will be reviewed by an independent panel of experts and their suitability will be assessed against:

  • Scale of likely positive impact on the town centre
  • Deliverability – projects must be complete by February 2026
  • Value for money – that the return on the public sector investment will provide value to the Ipswich economy
  • Ability to increase footfall in the town centre and drive interest in Ipswich
  • Ability to demonstrate that public sector investment is needed as the market has not been able to respond due to wider economic issues i.e. market failure
  • Financial return on investment to the Regeneration Fund

In addition, applicants must:

  • Be able to demonstrate they are sufficiently financially robust to deliver the whole project – financial and legal due diligence will be completed after the expressions of interest assessment process
  • Agree to open book accounting for the project with detailed financial information shared with the Council
  • Be able to satisfy the subsidy control tests if grant is awarded

An independent expert panel will assess projects against the criteria and identify those that will be invited to progress to a full business case stage. The package of proposals that are invited to develop full business cases will be those that collectively deliver maximum benefit for Ipswich.

The decision of the panel about whether your project will proceed to a detailed business case will be final and there will be no appeal process.